Thursday, March 31, 2005

That's Gangsta

I decided that these pictures are too funny not to post. While we were in Miami one of the bar tenders at Fat Tuesday gave us his hat. It was therefore mandatory that we take humorous thuggish pictures of ourselves wearing it. Posted by Hello


Don't hate the playa, hate the game. Posted by Hello


Playa hata's in the house, if you see em point em out! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Trip to Michigan

Hey all! Well, I just got back from a wonderful 5 days in the beautiful Great Lake State! :) It was tons of fun. I missed my family so much! And of course all of my best friends! And I got to see my kitties! I miss them! I was home just long enough for Zach to eat my shoelace on my tennis shoe! Just like old times. I got to have a belated birthday dinner with my family. My granny and I made homemade gnocci (pics to come later). I would like to say that I have the most fun granny ever. The last time I was home (before this time) she was doing shots with me. Not many people can say that about their 70+ year old grandmother. Not to mention she has so many funny anecdotes that she says, she cracks me up the whole time I am home. Once she told me that she could make stronger coffee if she stuck a bean in her ass and swam up a river. My mom made two pumpkin pies. It was a feast. I love food. I got some birthday and Easter money...I think I might go buy a stereo and some CDs/DVDs with the money. I love shopping almost as much as I love food. I'll have to see what kind of sales are going on at Best Buy.

So, other than that, nothing much is really new. I went out to Macaroni Grill with Dorothy, Jason, and Tim last night and we had a blast. I am so lucky to have a great roommate like Dorothy. We have such a good time together and she really is one of the sweetest people I know. So, they have free pizza at happy hour at Macaroni Grill. I looooooooove pizza. I did, however, want to die this morning when I got up for work. I have never been so sad to get out of bed in my life. It was horrible. Shannon told me I could go home if I wanted to but I just didn't feel justified in charging sick time for something that was my own dumbass fault. I was soooooo sick though. Ew. I can't even think about it. New subject. Tonight Joe is making me dinner. Yum. He's a good cook. :) Alright, well I am going to take a nap now and maybe sleep off some of this hangover. Ta ta.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Listen, if you guys haven't seen this yet you absolutely have to go to and check it out. It is so HILARIOUS! You can translate web pages and it is so funny I have been sitting here laughing hysterically for a half hour. I translated my blog.... go to this website:

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Miami and stuff

Being a bum in Miami wouldn't be so bad....

Well, it's been a while since I have posted. So I should have a lot to say. I guess I'll just start typing and see what comes out. I'm tired and hungover so maybe its causing writer's block? Well, let's see. I went to Miami on March 2nd for a week. It was SO much fun! I love South Beach so much (see pics below hee hee). While there, we discovered that about half of the people there are completely insane and the other half are gay. As mere visitors we do not fall into either category, thank you. Oh and Lindsay's aunt doesn't either. I think we might start a book of all the dumbass things that guys said to us while we were down there. For example, I met a guy that said it was his first night in America from England. He asked me if I wanted a drink. I said no, thank you. And he said well that's good because I don't have any money. I was like what? That is a great pick up line! Then another guy told Chrissy that she had beautiful tits and eyes. Like just throw in the beautiful eyes part to not look like a total idiot? Too late! This other creep told Lindsay that she should be a playboy model and what would her daddy think of that? WTF? Why do we have to bring up her daddy? That's just creepy! There were many others.... It was quite humorous. We saw about a million old hairy guys in speedos, had lots of yummy daiquiris, and took lots of naps. Personally one of my favorite parts of the week was laying on the beach drinking daiquiris all day while ogling a sexy Irish guy and loving his accent from afar. Yum.

So, I decided while visiting South Beach that my favorite bar while in tropical weather is Fat Tuesday (provided aforementioned daiquiris). Also, I need to live somewhere warm because I despise cold weather. Well, I knew this already but being in South Beach for a week further enforced that. My plane was delayed on the way home and I have decided to believe that it is a sign from God that I am supposed to stay there. Chrissy and I decided that returning to MI and VA was like returning to our own personal portals to hell.

Well as of now nothing else new is going on around here.... I think my sister is going to come and visit next week though! Yay! She will be my first visitor in my new apartment. :)
At the trailer park bar. Ha ha! Posted by Hello
Me and Lindsay at Finnegan's. They didn't have any oatmeal. Posted by Hello
South Beach is SO beautiful! Posted by Hello
Me and Chrissy at the Clevelander! Droppin' it like it's hot. Posted by Hello