Monday, April 09, 2007


I am the crabbiest person that has ever lived on Monday mornings. I swear, I did not want to get out of bed today. I kept resetting my alarm for later. I wasn't even that tired, I just didn't feel like getting up to face the world. Grr.

You know what is really really annoying? It was 31 degrees this morning. Yesterday we tied for a record low. Why does God feel the need to torture me like this? Why? Why? Why? It should be in the 60s right now. Thank God it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week. I am sooooo at the point that I really just don't even want to leave my apartment because I am sick of being cold, sick of wearing 10 layers, and sick of wearing freaking 25 pound winter jackets. Grr. What's up now Punxatawny Phil? Your predictions aren't so great these days!

On another note, I saw two movies this past weekend and finished a book. Joe and I went to see 300 on Friday night. It was exactly as I expected-enough blood and guts for about 10 movies. Besides that, it was pretty good I suppose. I probably wouldn't watch it again though. I did hide my face for about 50% of the movie. Last night we watched Employee of the Month. It was actually pretty funny. Initially I had my doubts. But Joe and I did both laugh out loud at several points throughout the movie. Towards the end I was like, okay I get subject? It just kind of dragged. But other than that it was pretty funny, for stupid humor. The book I finished reading was Second Glance by Jodi Picoult. A really good book, but it was about ghosts and stuff so I slept with my light on pretty much every night that I ended up reading it before bed. Ha ha.

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