Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am truly thankful for all of the blessings in my life. I have the most amazing friends, boyfriend, family - everything!!!! And yes, the most amazing blog readers!!!! Which mostly fall into the three categories I just mentioned. Hah!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Nostalgia is getting me today. I'm talking to some of my former co-workers and thinking about how fun my first job was. I mean, the schedule totally messed me up and I hated getting to work at the butt crack of dawn...But we had some really fun times, it was all young people in my office, and we used to go to happy hour and do fun stuff all the time. I miss them. :( Nobody ever wants to go out and do anything at this office. Maybe I'll try to set up a happy hour or something. I usually assume the role of event coordiantor wherever I go. :)

On another note...almost time to go to Detroit Rock City!!!! WooooOOooOOt!!! And...I GET TO GO TO THE RED WINGS GAME TONIGHT!!!! Omg I am SO excited. I haven't been to a game in ages and ages, and now this year I get to go to two! My brother won tickets so I am going with my mom, grandma, and brother tonight. Then at Christmas I get to go with Robbie, Lindsay, their parents, and Pat!! I'm so excited!!!!

Welp, not much else exciting to talk about. Bye peeps! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Almost time for Turkey. I can't wait to get out of here today, and actually, tomorrow as well. Ugh. I didn't get in early enough today because I stayed up too late last night. Oh well.

Nothing exciting to talk about today.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi peeps!!!! Only a 3 day work week this week! Yayyyy!!!!! It's making me in a good mood on a Monday again! :)

Today it is actually not that cold outside - so I get to run outside rather than on the treadmill (I despise the treadmill with the fire of a thousand suns). I am so happy! Last week I was so bored in the gym. I was questioning how I get myself to workout every day. I thought I was just being lazy (I've also been sick boooo). Then I went running outside on Saturday, and I remembered that working out OUTSIDE of the gym DOESN'T suck. So I guess that is how I motivate myself - because I like it. Duh.

Welp not much exciting to talk about today. Over the weekend I bummed around on Friday night, then Saturday I cleaned during the day and in the evening I went to Fitzalan's house for her housewarming party. Their house is GORGEOUS and HUGE. It makes my apartment feel like a shoebox. Sunday I felt horrible when I woke up. I have ANOTHER cold, which is super annoying, and I just feel exhausted. Sunday afternoon I did go to Nikki's for a bit cuz she had some girls over, but then I came home and rested the remainder of the night. Today I do feel better after getting a lot of rest, so hopefully I don't die when I run.

Ever since I freaked out the other day about Zach I have since called my vet (cried on the phone to her for about 20 minutes) and done a little research online and determined that my cat keeps eating things like crazy mainly because he is bored. It also could be partly because he may have some siamese in him, because that breed has a predisposition to chewing. So I have been trying very hard to give him some more attention and I got him some new toys. I am giving it another chance but you know what? Sometimes when I get home from work I really don't WANT to play birdie! Sheesh. High maintenance!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I <3 Weekends

Hi peeps! Love Fridays! In a good mood today because I get to stay in bed as long as I want tomorrrow. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's supposed to snow here today. Which means everyone is going to drive off the road and be crazy. Not looking forward to that when I leave work. Hopefully, everyone's anxiety will cause them to leave work early so there won't be a bunch of psychos on the road by the time I leave. :)


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If you really want a good laugh you have GOT to go to the Engrish Brog today and read this entry about bras for men that are sold in Japan! OMG! It is sooooo funny! I love the marketing bylines - "Even us guys want to know how a woman feels!" LMAO!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Does anyone want a cat?

I swear, I am going to go insane. My cat is the biggest asshole that ever lived. Yesterday when I was at work, he chewed my cookbook. Last night I left a heating pad on my couch, and this morning when I woke up it was all chewed up. What is wrong with this animal? Why can't I just have a fat, lazy cat that sleeps all day and just wants to eat and be boring? I called my mom and asked her to seriously consider taking him because I can't stand it anymore. I told her that I would take one of her cats in exchange, because my father hates animals and she already has 3 cats. She has Honey, Rusty, and another stray cat that she adopted. I think part of Zach's problem is that he is bored, and he also likes to be around other cats A LOT. I just really can't stomach having 2 cats in a one bedroom apartment though. That is too much poop and too much hair to keep up with. Not to mention, him acting like an asshole all the time really doesn't inspire me to want to get ANOTHER cat! HELP MEEEEEEEEE BEFORE I GO INSAAANEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I almost cried this morning.

Whew. I had to get that out.

Okay, so you know how I have mentioned about the Infant Safe Haven Laws, and how people are going to Nebraska to ditch their teenagers because that state doesn't have an age limit on their law? Well, I saw this video today, and it said that in just a few months, 35 kids have been left at Nebraska hospitals!! The woman makes a good point, that this should really be something that people start studying - why are all of these parents choosing to do this (I have a feeling my teacher friends would have a few choice opinions on the matter)? Now that I think of it, this is sorta funny to talk about considering I was just discussing ditching my cat with my mom. Ha!

Finally, have you heard all the hype about this new movie Twilight? The first time I heard about it was from Fitzalan, and now it seems like that is ALL I hear about ALL THE TIME. People are crazy and obsessive about it! It's based on the Twilight series of books...and dudes I totally want to read them now! I love vampire stories!

Does anyone else hate working on their resume with the fire of a thousand suns, like I do?

Oh, also - I picked up my car yesterday and it is all shiny and pretty and in one piece again - and they washed, vacuumed, and replaced on of my headlight light bulbs for free!!!!!! :) These guys are good. I went to Pohanka Collsion Center in Chantilly, VA. Woot!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Sweepy

I'm sleepy this morning. I got woken up by the lawn people cutting the grass outside my window at 7 a.m. AGAIN! And they were clearing leaves. I can't wait until it snows so they stop cutting the f-ing grass. Omg. I was infuriated. At times like this, especially after I went to visit Jackie and Sydney last weekend, I wonder how I am going to handle having a newborn when I actually reach that point. I don't do well with being woken up. LOL.

see more puppies

So, I was a slacker again last night and did not work out. I have this problem during the winter time...once I get home I do NOT want to go out in the cold again - especially because it is pitch black outside and I just want to put on my jammies, get under a blanket, and curl up with a book or something. So, I guess I have decided that the time of year has come once again, to start eliminating that issue by bringing my workout clothes to work and exercising here. Ugh.

Not too much exciting going on otherwise, tonight I might start some Christmas shopping. The earlier I start, the less stressed I am.

On another note, I thought this article was really, really interesting. It is about a woman who was given a trachea transplant - they basically used a donor trachea, removed all the cartilage and cells from it, and then used the woman's stem cells to grow new cartilage and tissue cells to cover it. Isn't that amazing?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go Forth with Confidence

Whew. No pressure. Well, I have some awesome psuedo-news. I was approached at work to take a position that will be a promotion and an AWESOME career move for me. I would be deputy to a thread lead at work, which means I will get experience with program and project managment, as well as technical management. This is a really, really great opportunity for me because my ultimate goal is to one day be a program least until I get to that point and my new goal will be to be CEO of Lockheed Martin. Hah! Well, I met with the lead that I will be working with today, and it went really, really well. She is very nice and seems like she would be a good person to work with. The only thing is, with all the budget cuts that are going on, they are still in limbo in deciding whether they will still be allocating funding to that position. So, on one hand I am freaking excited and nervous and everything else all rolled into one, but on the other hand I wish they wouldn't have told me about it yet until they knew for sure about the funding for the position!!! I hope hope hope they keep it! This would be an amazing stepping stone for me and give me a lot of visibility and interaction with upper level LM management, as well as with the customer! Woot!

Also, I got an A on my business plan! Woot!

On another note.....PICTURES and VIDEO!!!!

Cutest little girl ever!
Sleeping beauty
Look up here, Gavin!
Christopher being cute as usual!
She has Jackie's nose. :)I can't stop smiling at her!
My book club (minus a few members)
Jessi, me, Nikki, Alice, MaryBeth, Fitzalan, and Elizabeth



Monday, November 17, 2008


Heyyyyyy guysssss.

How is everybody this Monday morning? I am actually pretty good for a Monday. In a pretty good mood. Woot!

I had an amazing weekend last weekend visiting with Jackie and Sydney!!!!!!!! Omg she is just the most adorable baby ever and I love love love her soooooooo much. She is so sweet. Even her cry is cute. We didn't really do anything except hang out, watch movies, and play with the baby. It was great. :) April came over for a night too, and she brought Christopher and Gavin, who are also the cutest little boys ever!! It was so much fun to play with them all!!!! My mom, grandma, and sister all came over to visit for a bit too! So even though I didn't go to my parents' house at all, I still got to visit with the fam. :)

I was very sad to say goodbye, but it is good to be back at home again. I am looking forward to working out today since I haven't since last Wednesday. And I ate enough junk food over the weekend to last me a lifetime. I never keep that stuff in my house, so whenever it is around I shove my face like no other. It's bad. Ha ha. I felt like a cow, just like I always do when I go home to Michigan and am lazy the entire weekend. It was very, very nice though to have a weekend to relax the entire time though. But, I am glad to be back and get back into my routine.

Today I took my car to the shop to get repaired. Although I am NOT looking forward to paying for it, it will be nice to have a bumper that is not shmooshed in. They said it should only take 3 days, and in the meantime one of my friends is letting me borrow his car since he is on business travel! Isn't that nice? I thought so. I didn't want to have to pay for a rental, and for some reason I didn't have it on my insurance the last time I bought a policy. Whoops.

Last night I finally finished my business plan for my class. What is totally awesome is that I do NOT have class tomorrow, or until sometime in January for that matter. I am so happy to be off of school for a while. I needed a break. I would like to get it over with, as I have said a million times, but I am glad to have some time off over the holidays. So, I can't really judge how my business plan turned out. I think it is pretty good, but I guess I will just hope and pray that he thinks it is good. Although, he did say that if he didn't think it was "A" material, he would send it back to us with comments so we could fix it. I just really don't want to look at it anymore. So, I'm sure I mentioned it before but I the business that I was talking about in the plan was to sell the personalized bachelorette sashes that I have made for some of my girlfriends. While I was doing some research I found another website that already makes them! I was sad that someone already stole my idea and I will have competition from the get-go. But, the ones they sell are not as pretty or embellished as mine, so I don't think I will have a problem stealing their customers! So there!

Finally, here are some pictures of Washington DC that were on! :) My home is pretty! :) If you haven't visited me better get crackin' before I move!

Countdown Clocks, Thanksgiving Countdowns at

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hi peeps.

Today is FRIDAY for me! WoooOoOoOOOoooT!!!! I can't wait to get out of here in 2 hours!!!

It is rainy, cold and gross here today so I will not be very sad to leave. My feet, socks and pants are completely soaked right now. It's not the most comfortable feeling. Boo.

I already bought another gift for Sydney. This kid is going to make me go broke. But it is the cutest little onesie with a satellite on it - I couldn't resist!!!!

Well, not too much else to talk about today. Hmmm well I thought I would mention this blog - My War: Killing Time in Iraq. It's seems to get a lot of attention and it is pretty interesting. Check it out! Makes my blog seem a do you say....bubble-gum? LOL.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boring Post

Didn't that title inspire you to read this post? :)

I have nothing exciting to talk about. There aren't even any interesting or controversial articles that I have found that I can talk to you about. I guess, other than this one, about a guy that has had the hiccups for A YEAR! Could you imagine that?! Omg that would be SO ANNOYING!!!

I feel sooooooo much better today than yesterday. As soon as I got home from class last night I took the hottest shower ever, immediately got in my pjs, ate dinner, finished some laundry (ugh), and went to BED. It was awesome. I have never been so happy to be in my bed I don't think. Aghn.

Another relaxing night tonight...yay! :)

And, since it is getting cold outside - that means I get to start using my fireplace again! I love it! :) I guess that is one good thing about it being cold. Everything else sucks. Oh wait, wearing cute winter outfits is nice too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trying. To. Focus.

Omg I am sooooooooooooooo tired today. I have no idea how on EARTH I used to get to work at 5:45 when I was on shift work!!!! I got in today at 7 and I feel like a ZOMBIE. Wow. I cannot focus right now I am so tired. So I apologize in advance if this post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

There are a couple interesting articles out there today that I wanted to share. First, space nerd news - the Phoenix Lander (on Mars) is kaput. There is some interesting info on its findings. Second, I thought this article was interesting and had never heard of something like this - "posthumous baptism by proxy." Baptism by proxy allows faithful Mormons to have ancestors baptized into church - and they are baptizing Holocaust victims. Creepy. Third, I just can't even imagine this, a girl who is 13 is rejecting a heart transplant that could save her life!! It doesn't really say why, but can you imagine?

Finally, they are making a TV show about the pool party at Hard Rock that Lindsay, Robbie, Pat and I went to all summer (pics on post from 11/07 and many others)!!!!! It's called Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. My first reaction was, oh shit, I hope there aren't any awful videos of us!!!!

Last night I did NOTHING exciting at all. I got off work super late, did yoga and laundry, and then went to bed. Boring. I was really, really tired but could NOT fall asleep. Which explains the zombie-ness today. Tonight I have class, and omg tomorrow I am not coming into to work until at the very EARLIEST 8 - probably will end up being 9. I cannot wait to SLEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


People, the President-Elect has his own website:

It'll be in my links!

I knew I was onto something

Dudes, check out this video. This guy made enough money to put all 4 of his kids through college from collecting/recycling aluminum cans!!! Isn't that amazing?! I'm not kidding, when I was in 9th grade I used to have all of my friends give me their pop cans and I would recycle them and get the money. The lunch ladies got all up in arms and I had to have a meeting with the principal about it because they didn't want me to do it. Guess what? I won! So there, lunch ladies!!!

Space nerd news - this article talks about how they have remodeled the International Space Station to be a "closed-loop environmental system, where almost everything gets recycled." This will include - you guessed it - recycling pee into drinking water. Cool idea but I think my diet coke habit might get worse if I were in that situation. And then I could save the cans! Ha ha!

Other than that not too much exciting to talk about. I had a relaxing Friday night, then Saturday Jade and I went to Mate in Georgetown. It was really neat. It was a lounge atmosphere but they still had really good music and a nice martini selection. :) Sunday was my book club and it was super fun. We had tons of food and drinks as usual - Fitzalan even made Baked Alaska and I was VERY impressed. I punked out and only made brownies. I was actually really, really surprised because it seemed like most of the girls didn't really like the book that much (it was a Jodi Picoult book). I thought it was so good!!! A lot of them prefer to have a nice, neat happy ending, which does NOT happen in her books usually. Which, ironically, is one of the reasons why I like her! I like things to be like real life or else I feel like it is cliche. One of the other girls in the book club said she likes nice, neat happy endings because she has to deal with reality every day - and why can't her books have happy endings!? Ha ha I had to laugh. This time Nikki nominated the books for us to vote on and she chose 3 romance novels - which should be hilarious when we discuss them. I can't wait. I seriously cannot remember the last time I read a romance novel. It has to be ages ago. For our meeting I'll probably bake a cake with my penis cake pan just to keep with the theme. Ha ha!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

2 Pool Pics + Other Halloween Pics

This pic cracks me up!!!!
(: Hard Rock Pool :)
At Jet
At Jet

Easy Breezy

It's a gorgeous Friday here today. 70 degrees and sunny. Woot! I love it. I hope it is still light out when I get home so I can go for a run. It will probably be a rough one since I just took a week off. I miss it though, I can't wait to get back out there! :)

Not too much to talk about...didn't do anything exciting last night. I had to work pretty late and once I got home I just worked out and then chilled the rest of the night. Not doing anything tonight either, just working out and then hanging out at home. I'm exhausted, have a headache, and have sneezed probably 1000 times today already. I can't wait to sleep.

Other than that, this weekend I hope to get some stuff and errands done...and tomorrow night Jade and I are going to go out in DC somewhere. That should be fun, and I haven't seen her in ages since she is a world traveler and just got to go to South Africa for work! How cool is that?!

Welp, happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why do morning people get to call the shots?!

Welcome back to DC!!! I had such an AWESOME time in Vegas omg. I love it there so much. I was so happy to see Robbie again and spend time with him. It was amazing as always. :) :) :) It was so much fun to go out with everyone and spend time with Lindsay and Pat again. Halloween was an absolute blast, as well as the rest of the weekend. I have pics to post when I get home from work tonight! :) We just chilled out on Thursday night, and it was so great to just relax because I had had such a hectic week until that point. Friday night (Halloween) we went to dinner at Cafe Chloe (yummy Italian restaurant that Lindsay is obsessed with), and then went out at Jet in the Mirage casino. It was AWESOME. I love the clubs in Vegas, they are always ridiculous. Saturday Robbie had to work so Lindsay and I went and had dinner at his work, Cafe Deia; it was super yummy as well. Sunday was football Sunday, and Robbie made me an AWESOME steak for dinner. Monday I got to spend some time with Tiffany while Robbie was working again. It was very nice to catch up and finally meet her puppy, Cali! Tuesday we hung out, had lunch with Lindsay, and I had to head back to DC. I was very, very sad to leave. :(

So they are doing some repairs on my apartment building and I seriously wanted to kill these construction workers this morning!!! I was up until almost 4 a.m. because I was still on west coast time and my plane got in very late last night, and I got woken up at like 7 a.m. by the sound of sawing, hammering and yelling. I wanted to cry. I did put in my ear plugs and dozed off for a bit, but it wasn’t good sleep. I am so glad I am taking the day off from working out today. Ugh. Luckily the noise this morning didn't come as a total surprise because there was a note on my door from the property manager when I got home last night, but it was still annoying.

Welp I'm soooooo excited because this weekend is book club, and then next weekend I think I am going home to see Sydney!!!!!! :) I am so pumped. Then I get to go home again for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and omg before you know it, it will be the New Year and I get to start using my Cute Overload calendar!!!!!! :)