Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Schmonday

It's Monday. Think happy thoughts!

Ha ha isn't this picture so funny? That's what I'm going to do to all my stuff in my refrigerator!

Things that are making me happy today:

1. I have a refrigerator full of healthy and yummy food! Smiley faces to come soon! :-)
2. I had a great weekend! I got to spend time with my good friend Dorothy!
3. It's restaurant week in Los Angeles! I'm going to eat at a fancy restaurant with a bunch of friends this week!
4. I baked cheesecake cupcakes and brought some of them in for my co-workers!
5.. It's gorgeous outside and it's JANUARY! Hallelujah, I love California!

Gorgeous sunset from last night @ Venice Beach! :-D

What's making you happy today?


Sara said...

It's snowing and 3 degrees and I live in beautiful Ohio, home of the rabid football fan! ACK!

Missy said...

lol aw :( that sucks!