Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Last month, my peeps and I visited a new restaurant in Venice called Wurstküche. It was so fun and unique! There is a location in Downtown LA, and the Venice location just opened up. I’ve heard they look exactly alike, but I’ve never been to the downtown location. They specialize in different (and fancy) types of sausage. They also have an extensive offering of beer. Who can argue with that?

When you walk in through the huge, wooden, rustic looking door, you’re presented with a view of all of their sausage offerings in a case to your left. They all look delicious and very tempting. You order your beverages and food at the cashier (and pay) and they give you a number.

I ordered the Hot Italian sausage. You have a choice of toppings for your sausage – I ordered the onions and sweet peppers! The Hot Italian sausage was SO GOOD. It was actually really, really spicy – so if you order it, be prepared! For sides, we ordered fries with several different dipping sauces (there were TEN options!). They were all really delicious and really unique. I loved the Bleu Cheese Walnut with Bacon the best. There were also a few different types of mustard and ketchups on the tables (large bottles, people shared between tables).

The layout of the restaurant looked like a huge, rustic, medieval dining room. It was so distinctive. The dining area had huge, long communal tables throughout. Around the edges there were some booths, and there was some seating at the bars as well (bars were along the side and at the back of the dining room). They also have a patio area at the back, which is where we sat. The seating is first come, first serve, and that was the first place we found (it was PACKED). If I were to go back, I’d really rather sit in a booth or at a communal table. The tables on the patio were TINY. I wouldn’t recommend sitting out there with any more than two people. Three would be pushing it. We had four, and it was not comfortable!

There were a couple things that I didn’t really like about the place. First, there weren’t any normal beverage options – only beer, wine, teas, and sodas. I hadn't heard of any of them. I wanted a diet coke (RE: something not loaded with sugar). I had water instead, which is located in jugs in a few locations throughout the restaurant (self-serve, ugh). And I needed ICE. I can’t stand drinking warm water. The second thing I didn’t really care for was that there were absolutely zero healthy options on the menu, even for sides. Do not plan to have vegetables when you eat at this restaurant (unless you count potatoes as vegetables LOL). That’s no big deal of course, but I’d just recommend that you be prepared to have a “splurge” meal. Although…if you’re already going here because you want to eat sausage, splurging is probably already the main plan. LOL.

You know what I would love for this restaurant? I would love it if they added a “sausage sampler” option to their menu. That way, you could try bites of several different types of sausages. And maybe there could be a beer or wine pairing option with the sampler. The logistics might be a little difficult to figure it out (since there aren’t servers, there are just people that run your food to you based on your number that is sitting on your table). But wouldn’t that be fun?

It was really dark in there – I did my best with the pictures below! Check out the delicious food!

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